Rival Mavens

Floreen left her lover’s corpse. Weeping, she drew signs and chanted. A portal opened, and she stepped through to Nadezdha’s tower. Wrapped in a shadow cloak, Floreen breached the sanctuary and entered a laboratory unseen.

She dropped the cloak. “It was you.”

Before Nadezdha could cast a ward, Floreen stabbed her with the sigil-etched dagger she’d pulled from Mauritio’s body.

Nadezdha screamed and writhed, defeated by her own magic.

Floreen ignored her agony and scanned the laboratory. On a shelf, her lover’s essence glowed silver in a soul jar. “I’ll take this, and yours… Yours can go to hell.”



Friday Fictioneers: 100-word stories

photo prompt: Janet Webb

Meta-story:  Once again, a photo prompt opened another entirely different world in my mind.  I wrote a ream on this idea and finally clipped to this 100 words.  I hated to give any of it up.  Witch Fight!

Rival Mavens (Version 2) Here.