Maybe on Xerope

Bobby Bear, Manfred Monkey, and Harold Human had a collective thought; a beer after work. Harold held open the door on the climate-controlled saloon not far from the xeropium mine’s exit and let his friends, Manfred and Bobby, stained and sweaty in their work overalls, go in front. After coming from planet Xerope’s harsh sunlight, Bobby Bear squinted in the dim, interior lighting. Manfred shuffled with fatigue. Even his tail was limp and dragged on the floor.

Bobby went first and growled.

Manfred said, “Eep.”

Harold walked into the bar last. “Ouch.”


The Meta-story: I beg forgiveness.  It’s such an old joke, but it was the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw the picture, and I couldn’t shake it after that.

Maybe some of my regular readers have noticed my posts were sparse over the last week or so.  I’ve been sick and am just now getting around again.  I hope to get back to the usual, frantic grind.

Friday Fictioneers: 100-word stories.

Photo prompt: Karuna