Muninn's Memories



March 2017

Late with Payment

"He reeked of sweat and piss in the heat." ©2017 Kecia Sparlin; 100 words

All in the Family

“Penny looks more and more like Howard.” ©2017 Kecia Sparlin; 92 words


"The wolf's live blood flowed hot and tasted sweet..."; ©2017 Kecia Sparlin; 522 words

Smilodon fatalis

"His mother clamped her jaws on a shoulder..."©2017 Kecia Sparlin; 200 words

No Love Lost

"Denerim was big, but this was ridiculous."©2017 Kecia Sparlin; 100 words

Boom or Bust

"Hunched in her coat, she watches the coral ember fade to grey like the sky."©2017 Kecia Sparlin; 100 words

Whom the Gods Love…Best First

"Her name passed the lips of thousands."© 2017 Kecia Sparlin; 199 words

A Wrinkle

"A ripe plum, pleading to be plucked." ©2017 Kecia Sparlin; 100 words

Burning Angel

"The man drove Chloe along Interstate 70 in a '69 Chevy Impala with four doors and frost green paint." © 2017 Kecia Sparlin; 99 words

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