© A Mixed Bag

Jewels rained from heaven. William ran out his doorway to see and was struck on the head by a diamond the size of his fist. He died instantly.

From the cottage, Molly screamed, “Bill!”

Then the source of unforeseen fate flew low, a dragon breathing fire, leathery wings fanning flames ahead of her flight, igniting the roof. Gems dropped from her crusted belly.

Molly plucked up her infant to run. The dragon’s wind whipped her skirts. Heat singed her nape.

Words seared her mind. Not so fast! Come back with my snack.

Compelled by dragonspell, Molly skidded to a stop as the dragon landed in her path.

Hand over the morsel.

Clutching her boy, she dropped to her knees. Shuddering, she fought the magic’s chains.  She couldn’t resist. Lifting her hands in defeat, Molly yielded her baby to feed the beast.

Willy Jr. waved his arms, blew bubbles, and burbled, Ψℑ℘ℜçζ∴ϖψﬔ℘φξﬓ℘.

The dragon raised her snout and shot flame to the sky. “Nooo!” she thundered. “Destroyed by a babe!”

Little Will had burbled the great dragon’s secret name.  Ψℑ℘ℜçζ∴ϖψﬔ℘φξﬓ℘ fell to her side, feebly thrashed her legs and wings, snorted a puff of smoke, then died.


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