Rival Mavens

Floreen knelt beside her lover to kiss his lifeless lips. Through hot tears on frozen cheeks, she chanted while drawing runes on the floor, and a portal opened to her rival’s sanctuary.

Before Nadezdha could cast a ward, Floreen stabbed her with the sigil-etched dagger drawn from Mauritio’s body, a blade too small and poorly placed to have killed him.

Floreen ignored the woman, who screamed and writhed as Mauritio must have suffered from Nadezdha’s spell. On a shelf, her lover’s spirit glowed silver in a soul jar. “I’ll take this, and yours… Yours can go to hell.”


Friday Fictioneers: 100-word stories

photo prompt: Janet Webb

Meta-story: After advice from a much-appreciated reviewer, I’ve taken another stab at this prompt.  I LOVE this picture and want to write a whole new world, but have too many ideas and too little time before I die!  I really have to focus on one (or four) things at a time.

First Version Here.

If you have the time, maybe you could read both and tell me in the comments below which one worked better for you and, perhaps, why.  Thanks for reading!