photo prompt by A Mixed Bag

An Open Mind

Blue wine sparkled in her glass. Cherise adjusted her implant to compensate for low light in the bar.

“You look stunning.” If this wasn’t her blind date, she should scream as he slid onto the bench beside her, but he quickly reassured her by giving his name.

“I’m Kayn.” They shook.


“I spotted you the minute I came in. Fax said you’d be the most beautiful woman in here. He was right.”

She looked at her wine. Coming on a little strong, but he was cute. Maybe he was nervous; she was.

When Cherise said nothing, Kayn reddened. “Too much? Sorry. I practiced, but that didn’t come out right. Fax said you like confidence. I was trying to…uh… Maybe too hard—”

“Don’t be sorry. I’m flattered.”

“But I made a mess. Would it be alright if I went out and started over again?”

“Don’t be silly. Stay where you are. I think you’re charming.”


“Really.” Cherise laid her hand over his fifth tentacle on the table. “Would you like a glass of wine?”

He raised all six eyes and grinned. “I’d love a glass.”


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