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April 2017

How I Wrote “In Their Cups”

"Literal? There are two cups... Criminy." ©2017 Kecia Sparlin

Something Wicked

"His lungs spasmed and expanded with cold air..." ©2017 Kecia Sparlin; 100 words

In Their Cups

"Put off by his brewing, Dixie hesitated, percolating." ©2017 Kecia Sparlin;

Heartless Butcher

"Desperate, I struck again. Blood sprayed my face and shirt." ©2017 Kecia Sparlin; 198 words

5 Women Writers Who Have Made Space Opera Their Own

Oh! I want to read this new novel. Loved this article, too. I’ve been a fan of these writers for ages.

Diane Morrison

Image: Photo of C.J. Cherryh in the plane she pilots.

Elizabeth Moon’s new novel Cold Welcome is a sci-fi thriller about a space fleet commander unexpectedly thrown into a life-or-death situation with an untested crew. It’s the first space opera that Moon has written since her Serrano’s Legacy novels wrapped up about a decade ago.

Read the full article at Unbound Worlds.

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Protected: Chemistry

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Protected: Andrew’s Affair

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Age-old Art

"Her gardenia scent filtered into Jared's dreams." ©2017 Kecia Sparlin; 92 words

The Argonaut

"Jason's face was stained with ghosts of color..."©2017 Kecia Sparlin; 100 words

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