World Destroyer

On this planet, Gabriel climbed five flights of stairs in the time a human would climb one. From the rooftop, he visually scanned for radiation. He located the hospital and a cluster of hotspots on the army post beyond the city,  places the woman might hide her unborn child’s trace. He’d check them all, and when he found her, he’d tell her what she carried, give her a chance to save this world and others her child would devour like the father had devoured Gabriel’s. When she wouldn’t listen, he’d have no choice. The child couldn’t be allowed to mature.


Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: 75-175 word stories

photo prompt: Grant-Sud

Meta-story: This picture suggested an entire novel to me, and I wrote a short story of about 600 words.  I’m rather excited about it.  However, I try to keep FFfAW to 100 words, and this is the highly condensed version.  I hope it makes some kind of story.