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No Risk too Great for Fame and Fortune!

Rubble tumbled from a mine into the stream like rocky vomit from a sick giant. Smoke and ash drifted on the breeze. As she ran with her heavy pack, Laruna coughed and swiped sweat from her eyes.

At her back, a roar seemed to shatter the burning sky. The stones shifted, and she fell. Gasping, she scrabbled upright and rushed into the mine.

Gravel showered from the ceiling. Laruna raced downward through stony hail. The tunnel narrowed, and the light failed. Roars shook the earth, but the passage here seemed firm.

She shrugged off her pack and rummaged for a wizard’s flare. The wand flashed with a cold, violet light. She braced the light between stones, reached back into her pack, and withdrew a ruby as large as her fist, the Dragon’s Eye. Laruna smiled. She’d risked her life, but was now, indisputably, the greatest thief in the realm.

Grit sifted down in her face. Laruna shoved the ruby back before shouldering her gear.

Eerie noises echoed from the dark. She fetched the flare, drew her dagger, and went down, hoping to find another exit before her food and water ran out.

Just another adventure to bolster her fame.


Sunday Photo Fiction: 200-word stories

Photo prompt: The first photo credited to The Mixed Bag.  The second photo is from Pixabay.

The meta-story:  I wrote this as a 300-word flash using the first picture (on testosterone) and the words mine, stream, and maple as prompts from writing.com.   I then cut it down to 200 to link at SPF.  Maple didn’t make the cut.  🙂