The Entrepreneur

Loira loaded hundreds of old bicycles in tight according to the computer-generated least space configuration and proper balance.

Later, bored in her assigned acceleration seat, she mentally calculated profits while waiting out launch from Luna. Finally, the cargo ship drifted in apparent zero-gee and velocity. She unbuckled and went to work.

Her rented hold was opened, and Loira strung bicycles like pearls on a string from the stern. In six months, she’d have her second-hand inventory repaired, polished, and ready for resale. With less than half Earth’s gravity, bicycles would be all the rage on Mars. She’d be rich!



Friday Fictioneers: 100 word stories

photo prompt: Jellico’s Stationhouse

The Meta-Story: This idea isn’t mine. I ripped it off directly from Robert A. Heinlein, who conceived of teenage twin brothers with a great idea to sell bicycles on Mars, where the bikes were the choice of transport for miners. Like Loira, the brothers strung their bicycles out into space to fix them up while they traveled. Like Loira, they planned to make a lot of money on the deal, but circumstances intervened in comedic fashion. The resulting adventure was one of several in The Rolling Stones. If you ever get a chance, you should read it and Starman Jones, too.   Both are great and classic story-telling by the master.