The Argonaut

An officer called through the boy’s door. “Curfew, Jason. Time to power down.”

Underground in a secret facility, Jason’s face was stained with ghosts of color as he hunched over a virtual keypad.

He was running out of time, energy, and life. Jason entered the final command. His face flushed. His brain cells sparked. Shaky, he stood and packed; snacks, flashlight, holopad.

He walked dark tunnels to an unguarded lift. No one suspected codes keeping him literally down could be cracked, not even by him, but Jason had bypassed security on his pacemaker, implanted at birth.

He controlled his heart.


Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: 100-word stories

photo prompt: Yinglan Z.

Meta-story:  Just to limit consternation, I’ll briefly explain how I went from a broken-down wagon to Jason.  Wagon  –> Travel –> Adventure –> Jason & Argonauts –> Jason breaking free to travel.  It makes sense to me.