What my erotic stories are not:

I’m misappropriating the label by calling my stories erotica. Mine aren’t necessarily the steamy kind that leave your tongue hanging out and sweat on your upper lip. My erotica is not greatly different in structure or voice than my other work. Some pieces are less scandalous, in fact, than those I’ve posted free to read elsewhere.

My stories never contain horror or misogyny. When you pick up one of my erotic stories to read (figuratively, of course), you can assume everyone will get what they want from the encounter. No one will die. No one will be abused. Everyone leaves satisfied. Or mostly satisfied; I do recall writing a teaser.

These tales are not endorsements of any sexual practices. They’re fantasies. For example, I don’t usually write safe sex with condoms, and I might have an MC who chokes her partner. If you do that, fine, but you didn’t get the idea from me. Merely hoping readers can pretend and enjoy while reading.

What my erotic stories are:

In most cases, my stories express my attitudes about sex and gender. That doesn’t mean my characters share those attitudes. (Figure that one out.) More importantly, I write erotica as an expression of my freedom to write without censure. I like it, so I write it.

Roughly, my stories fall into three types. In the first, sex revolves around or drives the plot. I make no effort to fade to black. The second are stories in which sex is the plot. Mostly one-act scenes. Simple in theme, these stories are usually vehicles of language. I have fun with words. I use the crudest slang. I make ridiculous similes and metaphors, playing. The third are typical genre pieces, the steamy kind, just to prove to myself I can do it. I don’t write these much. They’re fun to read, but not as fun to write.


I hope I don’t disappoint with my off-beat approach but, if you like erotica, you might not like my erotic-stories. On the other hand, if you like my stories, you may like my erotica.


Works in Progress

And now for the teasers of stories to come.  If you’d like to have access, just email me using the contact form.  I’m happy to share the password with anyone interested.


Andrew’s Affair coming 2017 -POSTED

“Looking appropriately unkempt and used, Jeanine lolled naked in the middle of the lavishly-appareled bed and watched him through sultry, tired eyes as if he’d just been the best thing she ever had.”


Musagetes coming 2017 -POSTED

“Italy was supposed to inspire her writing. Mostly it was widening her waistline, and she drank too much wine.”


Tongue I coming 2017

“Was this aviation blonde bullshitting him and why? She sat on his couch, lifted a high-heeled foot, and crossed her legs. The peek was free.”


Tongue III coming 2017

“Where she was soft, I was hard. Where she was rounded, I was angles and planes.”


Captivity Worse than Execution coming 20??

“He’d figured her out, and she belonged to him now, vows or not.”