Herbert and Agnes rocked and drank lemonades on their porch.

“Heaven’s sakes, it’s hot,” Agnes said.

“You’re right,” Herbert shouted. “I hate them snakes!”

Agnes continued to rock, but Herbert left. In a bit, he passed by with a shovel. An hour later, going the other way. When he returned, Agnes offered a fresh lemonade.

“Did you kill the snakes?” she asked.

Herbert rocked at a satisfied rate. “Yup,” he shouted. “Dug that irrigation trench for the corn like I been meanin’ to.”

“That’s nice.”

He held out his glass, shouting, “Thanks. I’ll have more ice. Heaven’s sakes, it’s hot.”


word count: 100

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: 75-175-word stories

Photo Prompt: Me, Kecia Sparlin

The meta-story:  I would never kill a snake!  They do far too much good keeping pests under control.  More than that, snakes are awesome in their own right.