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love story

Rival Mavens

"Wrapped in a shadow cloak, Floreen breached the sanctuary and entered a laboratory unseen." ©2017 Kecia Sparlin; 100 words


“I hate them snakes!” © 2017 Kecia Sparlin; 100 words

Lovesick-Part I

"Ghosts haunted the gloomy aisles and darkest corners of the library. "©2017 Kecia Sparlin; 553 words


"...Kaylee, a sky-eyed wildflower he’d plucked from a West Texas meadow..." ©2017 Kecia Sparlin; 99 words.

The Mate

"...he was small, his life insignificant..." ©2017 Kecia Sparlin

Tactical Destroyed

"Simultaneous with the blast, his link had gone silent."©2017 Kecia Sparlin; 100 words

The Worth of Diamond

"The diamond ring he held sparkled in the sun."©2017 Kecia Sparlin; 100 words.

How I Wrote “In Their Cups”

"Literal? There are two cups... Criminy." ©2017 Kecia Sparlin

Something Wicked

"His lungs spasmed and expanded with cold air..." ©2017 Kecia Sparlin; 100 words

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