Chilly Reception

Kevin peeled off his blazer as he climbed the stairs to his bedroom, loosened his tie, and waved at a fly buzzing his ear. His little girl, Evie, was coming from her bedroom when she saw her daddy and froze.

Kevin spread his arms for a hug but his daughter jumped back. “Evie, baby, what’s wrong?”

“Mom! Mom!” She slammed her door.

Kevin swatted at that irritating fly.

His wife, Paula, appeared at the top of the stairs, out of breath and clasping a hand to her heart.

“What’s wrong with Evie?” Kevin asked. “I only wanted a hug.”

Paula’s mouth gaped, and she backed away.

“Not you, too. What’s going on?” Kevin slapped at the fly.

She shrieked and ran downstairs. After a minute, Paula pounded back up with a Colt pistol pointed at her husband.

Kevin stared in dismay. “Have you lost your mind?”

His wife pulled the trigger, and the impact knocked Kevin on his heels. As he looked at the hole in his shirt, the fly landed to explore the putrid flesh.

“Kevin…” Paula’s eyes filled with tears. “We buried you last week.”

In vain, he flicked at the fly.


The Meta-story: I had ideas for this, but simply couldn’t execute.  The sentences were all the same length, all followed the same pattern, and I couldn’t pull off the effect at all.  My mind stalled.  Then I went to read the other stories, and they were SO good this week!  That only made me feel worse.   Anyway, I’ve given up and will post what I have so I don’t miss out on participating.  Here’s the link to my other flash for this same prompt, Grace’s Trouble.

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