I adore this lovely woman’s blog about her big family and pets in Australia. Today, she shared a treat, a taste of her writing. Like I said in her comments, I want more!


Another fun exercise from Lisa at KSP.  We were practicing slashing word count.

The topic was ‘Petals or Pilots!  20 minutes.


‘‘Darling, can you believe how harsh Flight Commander Greyson was in this morning’s briefing.’

‘That man becomes a beast when he puts that uniform on,’ replied Harry.

‘He can be quite the beast out of uniform I hear,’ giggled Joe.

‘That’s no way to talk about your commanding officer, Petal,’ admonished Harry.

‘But darling I’m so tired of every conversation with Commander Gregson revolving around flight plans, engines, bombing runs…’

‘Petal, you are a pilot.  We must win the war for dear old Blighty!  Mustn’t let the Jerries have their way!’

‘I don’t know, I’ve seen some Luftwaffe officers who could have their way with me!’

‘Only if they asked nicely, surely Pet!’

‘I am a sucker for a bad boy!’

‘Now let’s not get into that, Petal!’



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