Muninn's Memories



April 2017

The Lovers’ Escape

“Come with me. I love you.” Boswell's clockworks ticked. ©2017 Kecia Sparlin ;196 words

Protected: Musagetes

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Unseen Forces

"After the yelling stopped, he always regretted it." ©2017 Kecia Sparlin; 101 words

The Entrepreneur

"Finally, the cargo ship drifted in apparent zero-gee and velocity." ©2017 Kecia Sparlin; 99 words

Damage Assessment Team

"Puffs of ash rose at each step." ©2017 Kecia Sparlin; 100 words

Pleasure Island

"The leg he lost to a shark, the eye in a knife fight, but he'd won both times." ©2017 Kecia Sparlin; 200 words

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