Wordpress probably holds the solution for my organizational problem, but I haven’t yet discovered it.  I’m quite sure the answer doesn’t lie in changing themes because I’ve tried quite a few and this one, Baskerville, has, by far, the best organization for my needs.  It’s just this one irritant still to work out.   If I describe it, maybe someone will speak up with the answer.

The situation is that my serial posts for my novella, Sensitive: The Abduction of Jubilee Wistler, appear in reverse order on a “category” page.  Furthermore, as I post more and more of them, it requires scroll time to click on the title page, now down at the bottom.

I attempted a working fix, which I’m likely to repeat, by clumping finished sections one-seven into one post and starting anew with section eight.  Every web designer in the world is now cringing at the awkwardness of this, I know, and I apologize.

I told myself I could simply provide a menu, listing the sections in proper sequence, which I know how to do.  I could and do away with the page presentation altogether, but I’m still dreaming of adding artwork to the posts someday.  I also like the little blurb/excerpt that appears on the posts.  In short, I want the category page and want it to work…in proper order.

Maybe the answer is simple and right before my eyes.  If so, please do tell!