I don’t know how NaNoWriMo works, but I’m doing it anyway.  I made a page and entered my “novel.”  I hope through participation to learn as I go.

More focused on the NaNoWriMo procedure than on the story, I chose to expand the story of a character I’ve already created, Josi Cole.  She’s the protagonist in a novelette I have in first draft, Bioelectrically Gifted.  For now, I’m simply calling the new story, Bangan Revolution.  Banga Beta is a planet I worked out for a different story altogether, but it’s in the same galaxy where the adventures, characters, and places are modular, allowing me to mix and match.  One racial name had to be changed, but the rest snapped into place like a Lego.

This paragraph will most likely change dramatically when I begin the writing (it always does), but here’s the blurb I wrote for the direction I plan to go.  This same blurb is at my NaNoWriMo link.

A squad of three biolectrically-gifted Katar soldiers is provided “on loan” to the Bangan government to serve as infiltrators of the worker’s rebellion that is halting Banga Beta’s starship production, the primary industry of the planet, which provides the majority of ships in that Arm of the galaxy.  En route to Banga Beta, the special squad’s AFV is brought down over the ice wastes by an anti-starcraft cannon.  One of the squad is severely injured and needs immediate medical attention unavailable aboard the crashed transport vehicle.  To save the injured man’s life, the other two members of the team surrender their weapons to the rebels who have shot down their craft.  The three soldiers are taken under the ice to a hidden city and imprisoned.   There, the soldiers discover that the nature of the rebellion is not what the Katar government was led to believe by the wealthy industrial moguls of Banga Beta.

I also wrote an outline and sketched biographies for those characters not already fleshed out in Biolectrically Gifted.   I think I’m ready to begin writing in November.

If I’m doing this wrong, someone let me know!