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science fantasy

Sensitive: Eighteen-Nineteen

The hull quaked amid a boom like thunder.

Pack of Lies

A Yuletide Pansy Tale ©2016 Kecia Sparlin; 695 words

Sensitive: Sixteen-Seventeen

No matter how old I was or how many experiences I had, I'd never outgrow Mum and Dad.

The Sadist

Alone, she tried to raise her hand, but the drugs were too strong. ©2016 Kecia Sparlin; 99 words

Sensitive: Fourteen-Fifteen

Sure I was really dying this time, I shouted over the emergency comm for help.

Sensitive: Eleven-Twelve

I felt more like a project than ever, a girl kept patched together for delivery to a sentient ship in their war.

Sensitive: Eight

"I knew that ID disc couldn't be all there was to know about you, Jubilee Wistler."

Thieves in the Night

A brief adventure of Pansy and her partner in crime; ©2016 Kecia Sparlin; 527 words

Getting Things Off My Mind

...the nagging thoughts that wake me up two hours before I want to be up.

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