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Flash Fiction Photo Prompts

Great photos this week at two of my favorite flash fiction prompt sites. (I like those with the froggy link, which makes reading the other entries so convenient.)  I didn't participate (yet) because I'm working on several long-ish projects simultaneously but... Continue Reading →


"...Kaylee, a sky-eyed wildflower he’d plucked from a West Texas meadow..." ©2017 Kecia Sparlin; 99 words.

Working the Crowd

"The bloodsuckers never bothered her. " ©2017 Kecia Sparlin; 199 words


"The walls of a cheap flat were killing her." ©2017 Kecia Sparlin; 100 words

A Girl has Limits

"Sure, the variety of aliens on any given night was a colorful blur." © 2017 Kecia Sparlin; 297 words

Cold Wind Blows

"...her summerhouse surrendered to snakes and ivy." ©2017 Kecia Sparlin; 100 words


"Dogs bayed in the distance." © 2017 Kecia Sparlin; 141 words

Edge of Extinction

"Finally, the Solar Spacefleet had shot down a bugship on Mars..." ©2017 Kecia Sparlin

The Mate

"...he was small, his life insignificant..." ©2017 Kecia Sparlin

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